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Mission & Goal

Image of two women testing and studying in laboratory coats
Dr. Karin Reuter-Rice and clinical researcher coordinator, Stephanie Macy process samples to understand genetic and protein markers involved in pediatric acute traumatic brain injury.

The Goal of this site is to facilitate investigator driven research through creation of a collaborative research network infrastructure as a website that will provide information, resources, and networking opportunities.

Why focus on Nursing Science?

Nursing science transcends the boundaries of disease and research disciplines to better understand the experiences of individuals and families living with illness and to develop personalized approaches that maximize health and well-being for individuals at all stages of life, across diverse populations and settings1. Nursing research spans and integrates the behavioral and biological sciences to build the scientific basis for clinical practice, prevent disease and disability, manage and eliminate symptoms caused by illness, and enhance end-of-life and palliative care. As the understanding of genomics and other Omics expands, nursing research that integrates Omics has the opportunity to illuminate the biological, functional, and behavioral influences impacting health and disease, and to lay the foundation for personalized, Omics-based interventions that lead to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.

1The NINR Strategic Plan: Advancing Science, Improving Lives