Resources for Investigators, Mentors, and Trainees, plus Education and Networking Opportunities


4 woman working in a scientific setting doing lab work.
Lab personnel from Conley Molecular Genomics Laboratory are setting up a DNA extraction experiment. Shown are Tyler Martin, BSN, Yvette Conley, PhD, FAAN, Sandra Deslouches, BS and Kelley Baumgartel, BSN, PhD.

Getting Started

The purpose of ONSEN is to assist those interested in including Omics in their program of nursing research. The creation of this resource network was recommended by leaders from the nurse scientist community who wanted to enable collaboration, mentoring, and access to training opportunities. Read more about the options for you to contribute to this growing network of colleagues working together to advance nursing science through Omics-based research.

Three ways to get started:

  • Are you a nurse scientist, trainee, or other investigator with an interest in Omics nursing research? Through the Research Collaborations section of ONSEN, you can search the database of investigators and projects, and also contribute your own project to the database.
  • Are you seeking information about common data elements to include in your studies? Visit the Common Data Element section for more details and resources.
  • Do you want to find education and training options that can help improve you knowledge about Omics and nursing science? The Education and Training section provides a place for mentors and mentees to learn more. Plus you can contribute to our network if you want to be a Mentor by completing the mentorship form in this section. Or if you have fellowship or training opportunities, complete the Opportunities Form in this section.

We look forward to having you become part of this Network.